The International Journal for the Practice and Theories of Writing for Children and Children’s Literature

Welcome to the archive for the Write4Children journal. The journal was previously hosted on the University of Winchester website. Following a recent update to the University website access to the journal was no longer possible. The decision was taken to create an archive where all the previous issues would be open access and that everyone would continue to have an opportunity to use these excellent articles.

I hope you still find them enjoyable and useful. 

Dr Vanessa Harbour

Former Editor of Write4Children


ISSN: 1758-9835

The aims of the journal were:

  • To provide an international forum for better academic and pedagogic research into writing for children and children’s literature

  • To promote best practice and academic research in advancing debates on writing for children and children’s literature

  • To stimulate debate in peer reviewed articles and discussions on controversial issues in writing for children and children’s literature: such as, race; gender; sexuality; drug culture; sex; education et al

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